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Chris Baldwin: Page 2 of 15

Among Baldwin’s trophies is the sale of Argon Networks to Siemens AG (NYSE: SI; Frankfurt: SIE) for $235 million in 1999. Argon was one of three acquisitions that formed the foundation for Unisphere Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: UNSP). Unisphere has had its problems with Argon (see Unisphere Trips, Stumbles ), although its president, Jim Dolce, maintains that Argon's switch is far from dead (see Jim Dolce).

So, chalk that one up as good timing.

Prior to engineering Argon’s sale, Baldwin was a big marketing cheese at Cascade. Baldwin helped build Cascade’s revenues to $100 million before it was sold to Ascend for $3.5 billion, but Cascade's switch went on to become the jewel in Ascend’s crown, helping it achieve a valuation of $20 billion when it was bought by Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU).

Bottom line? Cascade probably sold out too early.

Earlier in his career, Baldwin was a whole decade too early at Digital Equipment Corp, where he wrote a Fibre Channel link proposal for the unification of storage equipment with networking equipment. That was in 1989, and the idea didn't get very far with his peers.