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Chris Baldwin: Page 15 of 15

Baldwin: Being a VC is a sales job: To get into the good deals, I’m a money salesman. And then it’s about bringing value to entrepreneurs -- you need a sunny disposition that makes them want to work with you.

Byte and Switch: Where does it leave the VC community when the startups are no longer dreaming of being acquired by Cisco, and the IPO market is in the toilet?

Baldwin: This isn’t news for Charles River Ventures. We have been around for 30 years and succeeded in tough times before. The mantra is to focus on building companies that create products that customers want, rather than boutique designer companies built to ride the momentum of the stock market. This is not, historically, the process of the VC market: Hothouse flowers cannot exist when cold winds blow though the marketplace.

Jo Maitland, Senior Editor, Byte and Switch