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Byte and Switch: Sounds like the net-heads vs the Bell-heads, and Cisco hasn’t exactly convinced the Bell-heads that IP is the way ahead for voice. So why should it be so for Fibre Channel?

Baldwin: Right

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Byte and Switch: Let’s talk about the companies you are backing in this space. Pirus Networks is the obvious one -- they are rolling in money right? What are they doing with it all?

Baldwin: They’re on the beach too! [ho-ho!] No, really, the challenge for them is to get traction with enterprise customers. They need the banks and insurance companies and to remember to sell to enterprises not just service providers. The problem is when service providers buy, they buy billions, whereas with enterprises it’s a couple of hundred bucks a pop, which is hard work. So a big piece of Pirus’s strategy is to win enterprise accounts as well as the service providers.