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Chris Baldwin: Page 6 of 15

Byte and Switch: What do you think of the SSP [storage service provider] market after all that’s gone wrong with ASPs [application service providers], MSPs [multiservice providers], and all the other SPs?

Baldwin: It’s an evolving story. They’ve done well with secondary storage like archival services and backing-up data somewhere else, but enterprises won’t pay a lot for it. It’s hard to get them to part with their data, which is the crown jewels of the company, and put it on to someone else's network. Providing monitoring and security services on their premises might work.

Byte and Switch: Anyone you like in this space?

Baldwin: Storability, has an interesting model -- they’re not doing the POPs thing but offering to manage storage on the customer premises. [Note: Charles River has not invested in these guys…yet.]

Byte and Switch: Are there any companies that have been funded in this market that have surprised you?