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Chris Baldwin: Page 9 of 15

Baldwin: It’s not the young upstart anymore but part of the incumbency, which is a wonderful problem to have -- to continue on with life beats the alternatives immensely. Cisco will continue operating as a professional company focusing increasingly on account control and leveraging its sales channel. It is becoming less of a technology company every day but does have sales forces that reach deep into enterprise customers, so it’s easy to flog a box to them. ”What boxes are companies buying? They are buying disks with bits that flow -- that’s kind of a network thing. We can do that.” This is how they think.

Byte and Switch: What will happen to Brocade?

Baldwin: Like the Cisco/Juniper story, Brocade could get a surprise bite out of its marketshare. The question is how willing are they to respond to the changing marketplace. Probably not very.

Byte and Switch: What are your thoughts on IP versus Fibre Channel?

Baldwin: It’s a religious war -- FC will keep going, IP and gigabit Ethernet will all keep going. Why? Because the Fibre Channel people buying the disks are blockheads not net-heads and this is something Cisco has to face up to. The networking guys in the enterprise are not the same folk as the storage guys.