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Our mission is to be the source of reliable and unbiased information about infrastructure products, services, technologies, and trends that impact modern businesses today. Specifically, Network Computing provides networking and IT professionals with news and analysis of emerging and established technologies and solutions related to network management, network security, wireless connectivity, enterprise infrastructure, and more.

Such information is needed due to the rapid changes in the industry, including the embracement of AI, the explosion in data, the need to support workers no matter where they reside, and the availability of new broadband and wireless connectivity options. The bottom line is that IT leaders have more options than ever for how to build infrastructure, how to deliver applications and services, and how to allocate budgets. To choose and implement the most efficient strategies and technology investments, IT leaders must be constantly learning, understand how to ask the right questions, and be able to explain infrastructure complexities in a manner that makes sense to their business environments.

The Network Computing community brings together experienced editors, expert consultants and speakers, and IT professionals — providing a forum for them to solve problems, exchange ideas, and build relationships. We strive to analyze IT from the IT professional's point of view. Many of our authors are industry experts and trusted voices in networking, mobility, data centers, storage, and cloud. Through our platform, community members are able to learn from these industry leaders and contribute their own ideas to ongoing discussions all year long.

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Our Coverage

IT professionals count on Network Computing to show them the how and why behind next-generation networks, data centers, storage systems, communications, and cloud architectures. We provide in-depth coverage on established and emerging technologies, including NaaS, SASE, next-generation provider and enterprise wireless services, new NIC and infrastructure processors, and more.

In all areas, Network Computing provides community members with real-world advice on evaluating, selecting, and implementing IT products and services, and practical strategies for improving their skills and advancing their careers. Our community is a trusted resource for IT architects and engineers who must understand business requirements as well as build and manage the infrastructures to meet those needs.

Our Editors

  • Editor-in-Chief — Sara Peters
    A journalist for 20 years, Sara Peters has spent most of her career covering cybersecurity and enterprise IT, with a dash of basketball on the side. Before joining InformationWeek and Network Computing, she was senior editor at Dark Reading and a columnist for Bleacher Report.

  • Managing Editor — Salvatore Salamone
    Salvatore Salamone is the managing editor of Network Computing. He has worked as a writer and editor covering business, technology, and science. He has written three business technology books and served as an editor at IT industry publications including Network World, Byte, Bio-IT World, Data Communications, LAN Times, and InternetWeek.

  • Digital Editorial Program Manager — Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor is the Digital Editorial Program Manager across Enterprise IT media brands: InformationWeek, Data Center Knowledge, ITPro Today, and Network Computing. He enables the successful delivery of sponsored content programs, secures speakers for the brands' many events, and assists in content strategy.

  • Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor Dylan Fisher is the Digital SEO Content & Copy Editor at Network Computing, InformationWeek, ITPro Today, and Data Center Knowledge. He's the author of "The Loneliest Band in France." He lives with his wife, Danielle, and their two adopted dogs, Rosie and Daisy, in Atlanta, GA.

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