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Blogging Interop

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proclaimed this week Interop Week, in honor of the first East Coast Interop show. Despite said proclamation, there havent been any spontaneous ticker tape parades. That isnt deterring participants from turning out and seeing the latest and greatest in IT. I thought I would take a few minutes to share some of the things Ive seen and heard.

Cognio has announced theyre updating their ISMS Mobile Wi-Fi spectrum analysis product to version 2.0 and throwing in a name change to Spectrum Expert for WiFi. We recently reviewed their 1.0 offering, but this new version has a number of good enhancements, including the ability to capture spectrum traces for future playback/analysis and it also has expanded the types of devices monitored and the level of detail provided.
I had an opportunity to sit down with Bill Gibson, the new CEO of Network General, makers of the ever-popular Sniffer line of products. He shared a bit about the companys future approach to products; they definitely have their eye on further developing their enterprise solutions to extend the kinds of information you can already get out of the their point solution, Sniffer Portable. I think well see some interesting things coming from the company in the next several months.
Theres lots to do and lots to see, but Ill be sharing more news over the next couple of days.