Maximize IT Productivity by Eliminating Mundane Tasks

Our panel discusses the new generation of observability solutions on the market today that can empower your IT staff.

In this archived panel discussion, Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbour Solutions, Klaus Haller, senior security architect at AXA Switzerland, Sherelle Moore, director of IT security at Compass Datacenters, and Sidney Madison Prescott, former global head of intelligent automation at Spotify, connect to explore use cases of AI-based observability solutions that help offload low-level monitoring tasks and more.

IT, like other fields, is in a state where enterprises are having difficulty finding, training, and retaining staff. This session will reveal methods to speed the identification of root cause problems, prioritize alarms and alerts, and even automate incident responses in some cases.

This segment was part of our live virtual event titled, “Network Observability in the Age of Cloud.” The event was presented by Network Computing on April 18, 2024.

Watch the archived “Network Observability in the Age of Cloud” live virtual event on-demand today.

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Brandon Taylor, Digital Editorial Program Manager

Brandon Taylor is the Digital Editorial Program Manager at Network Computing.

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