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T3 Security Unveiled

IRVINE, Calif. -- Trilogy Total Technology, LLC, has released the T3 Security Suite that completely protects a computer owner from theft of important data if their laptop computer is ever lost or stolen, and even insures the actual laptop itself with theft coverage from a worldwide insurance policy underwritten by AVIVA.

“It seems that every day we are hearing news reports about critical data being compromised from corporate and Government laptops, like the laptop recently stolen from a VA employee’s home, a theft that could affect the credit histories of millions of veterans,” remarked John Knox, President of Trilogy Total Technology. “No one is immune. The theft of a laptop with valuable data inside it can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place. These thefts just reinforce the need for laptop users to have the 24/7 protection of our T3 Security Suite.“

“Should a laptop bandit sneak off with the right computer,” added Knox, “he could find himself in possession of proprietary secrets, confidential product development information or sensitive financial data, such as the Social Security numbers and names of millions of people. The total umbrella protection we provide in the T3 Security Suite, both for the laptop itself, and especially for all the critical data inside it, is unequalled anywhere in the world.”

Triology Total Technology, LLC