Pool Your Cybersecurity Resources to Build the Perfect Security Ecosystem

Partnerships and alliances provide a way for businesses to achieve comprehensive security management and threat intelligence.

Partnerships and alliances provide a way for businesses to achieve comprehensive security management and threat intelligence.
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Cybersecurity has never been something to set once and leave running in the background—it is a constantly evolving landscape. While the migration of data and applications to the cloud provides numerous business benefits, many organizations struggle to secure their networks against rapidly changing cyber threats. Ransomware attackers have understood the value of targeting smaller organizations and tailoring attacks to take advantage of businesses they believe will pay up immediately (and often with the backing of cyber insurance) rather than invest in defenses.

Tight security for data and resources is now the difference between operations running smoothly or being disrupted to the point that businesses are forced to close entirely. But how can SMBs achieve comprehensive security management and threat intelligence on a budget? Partnerships and alliances provide the solution.

Implementing shared threat intelligence across an alliance of cybersecurity experts creates a more robust security approach. Security specialists, such as Sophos, Mimecast, and Microsoft, can now offer security integration obtained through strategic cybersecurity cooperation, shared telemetry, and threat intelligence as the sum of the parts becomes even more significant than the individual offering. This enables the cultivation of a more sophisticated security ecosystem needed to combat the more sophisticated cyber threats we see today. 

Integrate with existing solutions for new findings

As data is collected and analyzed across different parts of the technology stack, ongoing telemetry across the stack gives more significant insights that can be applied to defend your business IT infrastructure effectively. Rather than act in isolated environments, treat your security stack like a constantly evolving ecosystem. It’s not just as simplistic as layering one solution on top of another in your legacy infrastructure. Each integration interacts with other elements, analyzing weaknesses and aiming to highlight problems as the security ecosystem evolves. 

Shared telemetry and threat intelligence gather information about the individual IT components working together as one complete infrastructure, which allows for more thorough data monitoring and analysis. Operators can suddenly see the bigger picture more easily. This isn’t limited to significant security platforms but becomes possible with existing vendors offering public API integrations. Mimecast reported that over 200 API integrations are now available as part of their ongoing security ecosystem, which provides even more insight than their already powerful Microsoft partnerships. Likewise, the partnerships between Sophos, Veeam and Microsoft support this new and more robust approach.

Collaborative threat intelligence with access to expertise

Automated security technology isn’t enough to keep up with modern challenges; having expert eyes on your cybersecurity 24/7/365 is necessary and gives businesses the peace of mind that their network is being tightly monitored. However, due to the growing shortage of cybersecurity talent, millions of businesses are now choosing from a far more competitive IT talent pool for roles integral to securing their operations. Limited resources and budgets mean that smaller businesses are more likely to miss out on high-quality professionals. 

As cybersecurity leaders already have the first pick of talent and the resources to secure top operatives, smaller businesses can trust their cybersecurity provider to provide the best boost to their cybersecurity profile rather than hire internal resources. However, cybersecurity information-sharing partnerships take this one step further by combining the top experts across all allied partners, meaning businesses can leverage the best cybersecurity for a collaborative approach to threat intelligence. 

As primary targets for cyber-attacks themselves, MSPs have found expert security partnerships offer greater protection against advanced ransomware attacks. This safeguarding then rolls down as part of their offering to their clients. Businesses can rest assured they can have an expert specific to their particular security issue ready to support them, rather than needing an in-house IT security operator with advanced expertise in all security technologies. The value of this specialist knowledge cannot be underestimated.

Safeguard against disruption

IT security company Sophos reported that 94% of ransomware victims in 2023 had cybercriminals targeting their cloud backups, with 57% of these backup compromise attempts being successful. Ransomware and payment demands were also found to double when successfully compromised, meaning that ongoing preventative cybersecurity strategies are no longer as simple as relying on just a singular backup solution. 

Utilizing immutable cloud backups should be a core focus for any business’ security strategy in 2024. By relying on the integrations of high-profile and industry-respected partners, such as between Sophos and Veeam, or most recently Veeam and Microsoft, companies gain the greater peace of mind that multiple expert eyes keep your data secure.

Unified management across solutions ensures they work hand in hand rather than at odds, giving a greater return on investment from the word go rather than worrying you’re leaving the door open to attack as more security tools require greater management. 

Leave the heavy security lifting to someone else

Understanding which solution is best for your business may appear daunting at first, but that’s also where an MSP can step in to provide advice. By tailoring the solution to your specific needs, you can be assured you are not buying services you don’t need and can trust that the heavy security lifting is in the hands of the right experts, and most importantly, the experts that are sharing their security knowledge for a united approach to threat intelligence.

With the greater power of allied resources and backing, business owners have the numbers when it comes to fighting the ongoing war on cybersecurity. Business owners can leave security to someone they can trust, meaning they can focus on what they do best—their business. They spend fewer hours worrying about ongoing security threats, and more time can be focused on what will make their business thrive. 

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