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Juniper Debuts Unite Architecture For Campus Networks

Juniper Networks today launched a new architecture for campus and branch networks with a new fabric that aims to simplify enterprise network management as companies shift to cloud services. As part of its new Unite architecture, Juniper also expanded its security portfolio with a new threat detection cloud service and additions to its SRX line of firewalls.

Altogether, Unite is designed to help enterprises have a common, converged network providing seamless and secure campus connectivity to applications wherever they sit -- in a private cloud, on-premise data center or hybrid cloud.

A key part of the architecture is Junos Fusion Enterprise, which works with Juniper's EX9200 programmable core switch to turn the campus network into a single manageable system. The fabric collapses multiple network layers to a flat tier, enabling enterprises to manage a single network across the data center and campus environments, Denise Shiffman, VP of Juniper's development and innovation division, said in an interview.

Juniper has other network fabrics including MetaFabric, but they're focused on the data center while Junos Fusion Enterprise is "a way to have that flattening occur at the edge," Nolan Greene, IDC research analyst, told me in an interview.

Most of the innovation and trends towards network infrastructure convergence, SDN, and single pane of glass management have been directed at the core of the network and the data center and less on the edge of the network, which is the next natural progression, he said.

Juniper's campus network fabric shows that the company is forward thinking with regards to agility and programmability, Greene said. "They're not referring to this as SDN, but it's in a similar vein," he said.


Figure 1:
Juniper EX9200

Juniper EX9200

With Junos Fusion Enterprise, Juniper announced new modular line cards for the EX9200 that provide deployment flexibility. It also will have updates for its Junos Space Network Director that allow users to manage one or more Junos Fusion Enterprise fabric groups.

Pricing wasn't available for Junos Fusion Enterprise, which is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of next year.

Juniper security additions

The new security products Juniper announced with its Unite architecture include Sky Advanced Threat Protection, a cloud-based service that uses multiple techniques to detect known and zero-day attacks. The service is designed to thwart malware by tricking malicious code into revealing itself in a sandbox environment.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention integrates technology from new partners in Juniper's Open Convergence Framework: Attivo Networks, which supplies deception-based technology, and Vectra analytics. The addition of security partners expands the framework from the wireless arena; in the past several months, Juniper has unveiled partnerships with WLAN providers including Aerohive Networks, Aruba Networks and Ruckus wireless.

Juniper also bulked up its line of SRX Series Services Gateways that combine VPN and firewall functionality with two new product families. Shiffman said the SRX300 series provides two to three times better price performance than competing products for branch and small offices while the SRX1500 integrates carrier-class routing capabilities.

In addition, the vendor said it has made improvements to its Junos Space Security Director including an upgraded intuitive interface to provide increased visibility into network security.

Greene said the security additions are a natural step for Juniper. "The trend in campus networking is for more tightly integrated security," he said.

Availability for the new SRX gateways begins in the fourth quarter of this year. Both the updated Junos Space Security Director and cloud service will be available in the fourth quarter.