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BMC Gets Real... RealOps, That Is

With its acquisition of RealOps, announced today, BMC Software has become the first large enterprise management vendor to have a compelling story around IT process automation. Complementary products such as Remedy, Performance Manager, and Patrol, combined with RealOps' run-book automation, position BMC as a leader in the data-center optimization market.

The purchase strengthens BMC's handle on business service management, leaving only a few gaps in the buffet of products currently available from the Houston-based company. It also keeps BMC neck-and-neck with its primary competitor in IT process automation, Opsware, which purchased RealOps' competitor iConclude earlier this year. While Opsware has a substantially smaller market share, it offers some compelling data-center automation products.

Larger vendors, including CA, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, should take a hard look at their IT process automation strategies, lest they find that their customers like what they see in BMC's and Opsware's expanded portfolios. Opalis Software and other startups remain as alternatives for enterprises, but these too will likely be grabbed by larger software vendors in this environment of rapid consolidation.

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