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LinkedIn Passwords Hacked | Why CIO Jobs Will Decrease

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  Wednesday, June 06, 2012
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Between The Lines ColumnistWhy The CIO Position Is In Jeopardy
By Larry Tieman
Disruptive market forces generated by IT are now turning on IT's builders and managers. The number of CIOs will decrease during the next five years.

IT As Profit Maker
The CIO Wears Two Hats: Isn't IT Enough?

LinkedIn Users: Change Password Now
Attackers appear to have obtained--and may have already decrypted--at least 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords.

Android's Growth To Peak This Year, Says IDC
Google's Android platform market share will slowly erode as Microsoft's Windows Phone begins to gain.

All About IPv6: A Snapshot
On World IPv6 launch day, we have facts, figures, insights, and more to help you plan for that inevitable IPv6 migration.

Xbox SmartGlass Could Save Windows Phone, Tablets
Microsoft's new interactive, cross-platform SmartGlass technology should give Windows client devices a new lease on life.

Why Cloud Pricing Comparisons Are So Hard
Cloud infrastructure market doesn't have a standard unit of computing power, which makes it tough to stack up Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace offerings. Third in our series on cloud computing pricing.

Cloudera Releases Next-Generation Hadoop Platform
Looking to stay ahead of Hortonworks and MapR in the Hadoop market, Cloudera delivers high availability, better security, and easier system management.

Google's Mystery Communications Device: 6 Facts
Google's latest FCC filing offers clues to what its "next-generation communications device" will be.

5 Critical Tactics In The Wells Fargo-Wachovia Integration
Few IT shops will ever work on a project as big as this historic banking acquisition. But some tactics Wells Fargo used make sense for smaller scale mergers and consolidation projects.

"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." -- Ray Bradbury (1920 - 2012)


Google's Mystery Communications Device: 6 Facts
5 Critical Tactics In The Wells Fargo-Wachovia Integration
Windows 8 Vs. The World
7 Expert Tips on VMware Backup
iPhone 5 Predictions: The Best And Worst
Cloud or Premise Based Contact Center -- Which is Right for You?
Virtual Event: Big Data Analytics

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Posted By Gideon:
"Microsoft has always been a game changer, and that is why I will stick with their products."
In reply to: "5 Ways Social Changes How We Work"
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Posted By lacertosus:
"The CIO is more of a symbolic position that plays a huge role especially in B2B businesses."
In reply to: "Why The CIO Position Is In Jeopardy"
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Videoconference Disconnect: Room-based systems don't connect to desktops, new and old systems don't integrate, and almost nothing connects to Skype. Can't we do better?

ALSO: How cloud and mobility will transform videoconferencing.

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Windows 8 Vs. The World
Microsoft's ambitious new OS tackles servers, PCs, and mobile devices. On the server side, we dig into the latest offering: Microsoft has boosted the capabilities of Hyper-V, streamlined management, and made other changes that IT will appreciate.
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Featured Report
Understanding Private Cloud Stacks
Private clouds are more than a trendy buzzword--they represent Virtualization 2.0. For IT organizations willing to dispense with traditional application hosting models, a plethora of pure cloud software options beckons. Our report explains what's available.
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Featured Report


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7 Expert Tips on VMware Backup
Want to create a bulletproof VMware backup infrastructure? Download this guide and learn 7 time-tested VMware infrastructure backup tips from virtualization backup pros.
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Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider with Confidence
Many cloud service providers can deliver the security that enterprises need and secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates are part of the solution.The goal of this white paper is to help enterprises make pragmatic decisions about where and when to use cloud solutions by outlining specific issues that enterprises should raise with hosting providers before selecting a vendor.
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iPhone 5 Predictions: The Best And Worst
Apple's next iPhone will likely arrive in September or October. As the rumor machine cranks into high gear, we sort the solid predictions from the silly.

iPhone 5, iPad Mini: September Debut Eyed
Why might Apple choose to bring a smaller iPad--an idea Steve Jobs hated--to market? The growing spate of smaller tablets from the likes of Amazon might force the decision.

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Wearable devices equipped with sensors, Web connections, or both, help consumers and healthcare providers track health and fitness. Take a look at what's possible now.

Apple To Drop Google Maps From iOS
Apple will oust Google's mapping service from the iPhone and iPad, say Apple employees, in a move that could further strain the relationship between the two companies.

Windows 8 Release Preview: Key Features
Microsoft's Windows 8 includes a host of new features and capabilities to keep desktop PCs a centerpiece of business and consumer computing in the age of smartphones and tablets.


10 App Stars For New iPad Screen
Apple optimized its core tablet apps, including iMovie and iPhoto, for the new iPad. But look what else you can do with the gorgeous new Retina display.   View Now

Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
Windows 8 Release Preview: Key Features


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Scalado Re-Imagines What Smartphone Cameras Can Do
At Mobile World Congress, Nokia introduced a 41 megapixel camera in a new phone, and HTC came out with some pretty amazing technology as well. But Scalado, a company many haven't heard of, is busy re-inventing what phone cameras can do.   Watch

ARM Demos Next Gen Mobile Performance
Mobile Device Management Debate: Mobile Iron Vs. Good Technology



Cloud or Premise Based Contact Center -- Which is Right for You?
No model is one-size-fits-all, so this webcast will analyze the different deployment options -- from premises to cloud and in-between -- to help you identify which technology makes the most sense for your needs. It happens Thursday, June 13, 2012 More Information & Registration

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Virtual Event: Big Data Analytics
At our interactive InformationWeek Virtual Event, experts and solution providers will offer detailed insight into how to put big data to use in ad hoc analyses, what-if scenario planning, customer sentiment analysis, and the building of highly accurate data models to drive better predictions about fraud, risk, and customer behavior.
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InformationWeek is conducting a survey on Windows 8 adoption. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 16-GB Apple iPad.
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