Programming Languages And The Lord Of The Rings

Is there one code to rule them all? Today's IT jobs demand programming skills, but it can be tough to predict the specific languages you may need. Let The Lord of the Rings be your guide.

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Everyone in IT is learning to program these days, but the big question is: Which language is the best one to master?

Many in the infrastructure realm believe that C provides the broadest and most useful knowledge base, or that learning Python is enough for IT pros to get a handle on programming. In any case, it's important for anyone in IT to better understand software and programmatic functions, which are only growing in importance.

You may still have trouble deciding. Or perhaps you live your life according to the slogan WWGD -- "What would Gandalf do?" In that case, we're here to offer some assistance. Click through the following slides to find out which programming language best represents your favorite creature in Middle-Earth, along with average salaries and popular projects the languages built.

Maybe you've always pictured yourself cavorting about the forest of Lothlorien; then you should think about taking up C#. If you've dreamed of wreaking havoc as a fire-breathing, flying lizard, Objective-C is your bag. If you're simply short, have some very hairy feet, or you like breakfast, you may want to think about learning JavaScript. 

This very clever comparison comes to us from Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?, an infographic at tech website Founder and author Carl Cheo was kind enough to allow us to deconstruct and republish his piece, which expanded upon the LOTR analogy originated by programmer Prithviraj Udaya.

If you're not a huge LOTR fan (but admit it -- we know you are) the infographic also includes a fun and cheeky flowchart to help you decide on a first language by choosing between the ways you like to learn, your favorite toy, your dream job, and your opinion of Microsoft.  You can even order a printed poster-sized version to hang in your cube or home office.

Check out the characterizations and let us know if you agree. Can you think of other creative comparisons?

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