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Intel Reveals It's Been Hacked

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TOP STORY: Intel Reveals It's Been Hacked

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WHITEPAPER: Aligning Business Process Management, SOA, and Lean Six Sigma

BLOG: Details On Windows Phone 7 Hardware

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 Thursday, February 25, 2010 



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Intel Reveals It's Been Hacked

The company's annual report says that some of the attacks have been successful.


Google Cyberattack Linked To Two Chinese Schools

Other Targets In Google Cyber Attack Surface

U.S. 'Severely Threatened' By Cyber Attacks


Web Dashboards: A Window Into Government Performance

Federal, state, and local agencies are building Web portals to make data available to the public, but there are still issues over what data to release, how much, and how to ensure its quality.

Google Faces European Antitrust Scrutiny

The European Commission says it is looking into three separate complaints about Google.

Nebraska Expands Health Information Exchange

The Nebraska Health Information Initiative, which served mostly the Omaha region until now, is expanding statewide.

CA Buys 3Tera Cloud Startup

3Tera supplies a graphically oriented system for configuring an application prior to deployment, including deployment as a virtual machine into the cloud.

Bloom Debuts Clean Energy Power Box

The company says its "power plant-in-a-box" is a breakthrough in fuel cell-driven clean energy, but some question whether the price is too high.

Cablevision Intros PC To TV Service

The wireless service will allow Cablevision subscribers to display online video, photos, e-mail, and other data on their television screens.

Google Execs Convicted In Italy

The ruling in a YouTube privacy case, if not overturned on appeal, could put an end to online user-generated content in parts of the world.

"Every now and then go away -- for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer."
-- Leonardo DaVinci 

Microsoft Announces Government Cloud

The Business Productivity Online Suite Federal is hosted on a government-dedicated infrastructure in secured facilities within Microsoft's own data centers.

Alaska Airlines To Offer Aircell Wi-Fi

The airline has dropped plans to install Row 44's satellite wireless Internet on its planes and will instead go with the cellular-based Gogo system.

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Inside Dell's Enterprise Strategy

A critical look at how the formerly hardware-centric powerhouse is going deeper into the enterprise, fielding a data center strategy encompassing server, storage, and networking technologies.

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Aligning Business Process Management, SOA, and Lean Six Sigma

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Featured Blogger

Details On Windows Phone 7 Hardware

Posted By Ed Hansberry

One of the benefits for manufacturers of Windows Mobile phones until now has been the incredibly wide variety of hardware they could build for the mobile platform. Windows Phone 7 Series is going to change all of that.


Force10 Fixin' To Switch HP, Cisco Customers

Posted by Alexander Wolfe

Force10 Networks is making hay of the impending termination by Cisco of its partnership with HP. The scrappy Ethernet vendor launched a promotion on Wednesday intended to get HP resellers to push Force10 switches instead of competing Cisco and HP ProCurve gear.

Google Blasts Italian Judge Over Video Convictions

Posted By Eric Zeman

A judge in Italy convicted three Google executives for failure to comply with Italian privacy laws. Google calls the convictions "a serious threat to the Web" and contends that new precedent set by Italian courts endangers the very fabric of the Web.

Apple Says CIOs Opening Floodgates For Macs

Posted By Bob Evans

"It's amazing how many CIOs are visiting Apple and are interested in the Mac," Apple COO Tim Cook said Tuesday, noting that the old enterprise fixation on standardization is giving way to a focus on creativity. Cook made those and other scintillating comments at a Goldman Sachs investors conference.

Apple Publishes Then Kills Latest iPad SDK

Posted By Eric Zeman

On Tuesday Apple released a third beta version of the iPhone OS 3.2 software development kit for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 'It wasn't available long, however.


Virtualizing Your Critical Windows And Linux Infrastructure Using KVM

This Webcast will talk about the overall factors organizations should consider when starting or expanding their virtualization initiatives, including hypervisor selection, management tools, and expansion planning.

It happens Thursday, Feb. 25.

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First Infrared Images From NASA's WISE Satellite

NASA's infrared satellite will scan the entire sky searching out previously unseen comets, asteroids, stars and galaxies.

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