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Federal Agencies Lag On Internet Security

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TOP STORY: Federal Agencies Lag On Internet Security

MORE NEWS: Google Spreadsheets Revs Desktop Features, Performance

ANALYTIC REPORT: Google For Business: Assessing Google Docs

WHITEPAPER: Controlling Datacenter Costs with Virtualization: Cost Savings Solution Brief

BLOG: Testing Apple's iPad On The Road

WEBCAST: Optimizing Storage Usage and Reigning in Storage Investments

RESOURCES: Take Our Data Sharing Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch

InformationWeek Daily
 Thursday, April 15, 2010 


"You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result."
-- Gandhi 


Federal Agencies Lag On Internet Security

The General Accounting Office says none have fully met requirements established to protect external network connections.


Fed Agencies Failing On Desktop Security

DHS E-Verify Program Flawed

IRS Cybersecurity Flaws Put Taxpayers At Risk

GAO: Multiple Failures Sunk Border Security System


Google Spreadsheets Revs Desktop Features, Performance

Video shows how more muscle for scrolling and moving or freezing rows and columns highlight Google's updated Spreadsheets app.

LTE Market To Top $11 Billion By 2014

Infonetics sees North America and Asia at the forefront of Long Term Evolution wireless technology.

VIDEO: How Google Reengineered Its Docs Platform

David Berlind discusses with Google engineer Micah Lemonik Google's rewrite of its entire application suite.

IBM LotusLive Adds Business Services

Cloud communication services are turning into business process dashboards.

Intel 32nm Processor Headed For Production

Sandy Bridge chips, set to go into production in late 2010, are based on a next-generation microarchitecture.

BDNA Maps The IT Genome

Strategy shift moves the company's focus to enrichment of discovery data through the industry's first, fully comprehensive product database.

Federal IT Execs, Staff Disagree On Cybersecurity

Study notes big gaps between IT management and staff perceptions of federal cybersecurity readiness, needs.

Verizon Breaking Ground On LTE Lab

The center will help Verizon's technology partners develop innovative Long Term Evolution wireless products.

Google Offers Twitter Replay

The company's real-time search technology now goes back in time.

NASA, Chrysler Team On R&D

Information about robotics, energy storage, radar, and other technologies will be shared by the organizations.


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Google For Business: Assessing Google Docs

The new versions show Google making a few major bets: That what people want most is real-time collaboration on documents, that they'll do it entirely in the cloud, and that, when it comes to features, less is more.

The biggest leap forward -- Google is betting that real-time, online collaboration is the feature people want.

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Featured Report

Leveraging Virtualization for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

How can IT groups best overcome the obstacles to continuity planning? By realizing that it should be the business driving this project, enabled by IT. Leveraging the latest technologies, especially virtualization, in your BC/DR plans is a winning strategy that will boost ROI, cost savings and resource efficiency levels.

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Featured Report



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Controlling Datacenter Costs with Virtualization: Cost Savings Solution Brief

By virtualizing your infrastructure using the Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series servers and VMware vSphere™ 4, you can consolidate resources and improve your total cost of ownership by decreasing management costs and increasing asset utilization. You can also improve system availability and help lower the cost and complexity of disaster recovery.

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Windows 7 Readiness Assessments FAQ

If you're looking to move to Windows 7, a Microsoft Windows 7 Readiness Assessment will analyze your migration project and suggest best practices to ensure you meet deadlines. Check out these FAQs to learn how to use the right asset discovery tools and compatibility testing prior to your migration.
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Featured BloggerTesting Apple's iPad On The Road

By Eric Zeman

I recently took a business trip to San Francisco. I took the Apple iPad with me and put it through its paces as a potential laptop replacement. How did it fare?


Verizon Accidentally Confirms 'Incredible' Launch

By Eric Zeman

Early today, a teaser web site went live on which provided some details about the HTC Droid Incredible. The page was later pulled, but not before we learned one specific piece of information: the date the Incredible is primed for launch.

Intel CEO Otellini Sees Signs Of Corporate IT Upturn

By Bob Evans

"We are also seeing signs of corporate demand returning which we believe will continue to improve," said Intel CEO Paul Otellini during an earnings call in which the company announced a blowout quarter. He later added, "You are getting to the point where CIOs are feeling a bit better about their business."

Linux Based iPad Rival

By Ed Hansberry

The iPad hasn't even been out for two weeks yet and there is already a Linux rival to the iconic device. As with all rivals, it seems to have more of everything - a larger screen, webcam and USB ports, the latter two totally missing on the iPad. Like all other things Linux though, will the market care?

Telehealth Lets Patients 'See' Specialists Sooner

By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

It a common frustration for patients: During an office visit with your primary care physician, the doc advices you to see a specialist. But then you're forced to wait weeks for the appointment to see the specialist. A new telehealth service available to patients in Hawaii could have patients elsewhere envious.

Optimizing Storage Usage and Reigning in Storage Investments

Data is growing at 50 percent year over year. IT storage complexity is spiraling out of control. Existing storage capacity is underutilized.
Join Mark Peters, senior analyst from Enterprise Strategy Group, and Nimish Shelat, product marketing manager at HP, for a webcast on optimizing storage usage and reigning in storage investments.
It happens April 20, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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Take Our Data Sharing Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch

InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey on data sharing practices in the enterprise. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32-GB iPod Touch valued at $299 from TechWeb.

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Image Gallery: Inside Apple's iPad: FCC Teardown Photos

The FCC posted photos of the inner workings of Apple's game-changing device.

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