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Elemental Intros 3.0

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Elemental Security, Inc. (Elemental), the award-winning pioneer of new technology in enterprise information security, today announced Elemental Security Platform (ESP) 3.0, the next-generation release of the highly recognized and award-winning Elemental security platform. ESP 3.0 combines key capabilities essential for effective security policy and risk management, giving enterprises a single, seamless solution to satisfy compliance requirements and gain a risk-adjusted view of their network environment.

“Attackers are nimble, motivated adversaries and their never-ending intrusions into corporate networks leave CIOs constantly scrambling to plug the breaches in the dikes. But the point solutions offered to date have proven ineffective to achieve consistent and measurable security levels. We developed ESP to integrate the breadth of capabilities required to effectively implement a full range of security policies across enterprise networks,” said Dan Farmer, Chief Technology Officer at Elemental.

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