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Dell Servers Gaining | 10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes

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  Thursday, August 30, 2012
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10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes
By Jeff Bertolucci
Check out these 10 great apps that take advantage of the Samsung phablet's S Pen stylus.
Between The Lines Columnist

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Windows 8 Smartphones: First Impressions
Sony Debuts Xperia S Android Tablet

Dell Gains In Lackluster Server Market
While global server revenue fell in the second quarter, Dell grabbed its largest market share to date. HP's share stays flat as it fights roadmap and identity problems.

Java Zero-Day Malware Attack: 6 Facts
New details reveal Oracle knew about the Java exploit in April, but has yet to release a patch. Here's how to protect yourself against active attacks.

Firefox 15: Better Graphics, Painless Updates
Mozilla's revamped browser utilizes new Web standards for better gaming, improved memory management and developer support, and best of all, less disruptive updates.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Seek A Private Cloud OS
CIA's investment arm has partnered with Adaptive Computing to develop a cloud OS for agencies' use. OpenStack platform may be used.

3 Ways To Turn Enterprise 2.0 Laggards Into Fans
Try these experiments to learn why early adopters differ from the people who want collaboration tech thoroughly documented and explained.

Reddit Struggles While Hosting President Obama
The President of the United States answered questions on the website, which slowed under the heavy load.

Zappos Tries To Cash In On Pinterest
Zappos and Pinterest combine e-commerce and social media with PinPointing. Will it stick?

State Agencies Need A Big Data Strategy
State CIO association urges states to make better use of big data, warns of challenges in implementing programs.

"I would rather lose in a cause that will some day win, than win in a cause that will some day lose." ~ Woodrow Wilson


Zappos Tries To Cash In On Pinterest
State Agencies Need A Big Data Strategy
5 Reasons to Dump Windows XP Now
11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution
Java Zero Day Attack: Second Bug Found
Security and Privacy in the Age of Mobility
InformationWeek 2013 Big Data Survey

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Posted By bkosh:
"Major failure here to deliver a better View product resulted in crazy storage requirements that stalled the whole market. Citrix is no better, though."
In reply to: "VMware Shows More Of BYOD, Virtual Desktop Tools"
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Posted By Andrew Hornback:
"Oh, this is good for a laugh... people are taking perfectly good devices and getting rid of them because of a ruling that may lead to the manufacturer paying a fine and having to re-engineer their devices. Really?"
In reply to: "Are Consumers Dumping Samsung Smartphones?"
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5 Reasons to Dump Windows XP Now
As formal support for the decade-old operating system draws to a close, the risks associated with holding out increase. Here's how to make the upgrade case--and then make your move.
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Featured Report
9 Vital Questions On Moving Apps To the Cloud
The decision to move an application from in-house into the public cloud is a significant one. Organizations have to consider a range of issues, from business drivers to application availability to compliance and security to user adoption. We have nine questions you should ask and answer to help you pick the right course of action.
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Featured Report


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11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution
Any organization investing in business intelligence needs to define the capabilities that will help them to win against the strongest competitors in their market. This whitepaper first looks at the fundamental requirements that a BI solution should deliver to your company and covers the 11 key questions that you should be asking of a future BI technology partner.
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Capacity Management & Lean Six-Sigma
With the help of Lean Six-Sigma methodology, capacity management can be used to consciously eradicate capacity waste. Based on operational feedbacks, this white paper shows how capacity management activities can systematically identify and eliminate IT waste. It also provides directions for using lean methodology in capacity management as a means to reach even greater efficiency.
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Java Zero Day Attack: Second Bug Found
Were security researchers irresponsible to detail the zero-day vulnerabilities without first working with Oracle to craft a patch?

Google Gives Nexus 7 Prime Ad Spot
Google embellishes its usual pristine, white search page with an ad for its 7" Android tablet.

Java Zero-Day Attack Could Hit Enterprises Hard
In-the-wild exploit targets unpatched Java 7 vulnerability affecting Windows, OS X, and Linux. Security experts advise disabling Java in browsers.

Outsourcing's New Reality: Choice Beats Cost
Creative CIOs are getting not only savings but also added flexibility and specialized skills from their IT outsourcers. Just don't expect magic.

11 Super Mobile Medical Apps
Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Doctors are adopting mobile apps that make them more effective, and patients are taking to ones that give them more control over their healthcare. Here are 11 apps that stand out from the crowd.


10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Notes
Check out these 10 great apps that take advantage of the Samsung phablet's S Pen stylus.   View Now

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences
Team Oracle Points New Tech At America's Cup


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SAS Demos Visual Analysis With Big Data
Bringing billions or rows of data into an in-memory analysis environment, SAS Visual Analytics blends Hadoop processing power with advanced data visualization. Watch the demo to see high-scale prediction from an iPad app.   Watch

First Look At Windows 8, Microsoft's Office 2013
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World, Part 3



Security and Privacy in the Age of Mobility
We'll explore the mobile threat landscape, offer prescriptive guidance on mobile security, and discuss how IBM securely enables mobile technologies to expand employee productivity. It happens Wednesday, August 29, 2012. More Information & Registration


InformationWeek 2013 Big Data Survey
We are conducting a survey to determine whether or not organizations are pulling in the right information, how they're employing that information, and the tools being used. A 32G iPod touch goes to one lucky, randomly drawin participant!
Survey Ends August 31

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