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Strategic Info Management: Has Storage Resource Management Fizzled?


The need for a coherent view of the storage infrastructure and advance warning of volumes approaching capacity hasn't disappeared. And point management products that come with specific arrays simply can't do the job of an SRM (storage resource management) system across today's complex enterprise storage systems. Yet, despite new efforts to deliver an open SRM standard workable across vendor products, including arrays, switches, tape libraries and optical jukeboxes, analysts peg SRM penetration at just 5 percent to 20 percent of its target audience.

The explanation may well come down to a combination of industry politics and market forces, as tactical concerns and thin budgets move SRM to the back burner.

"We just don't have the time or resources to focus on deploying an SRM package," says an IT manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield. "Compliance initiatives and putting out daily storage fires keep us all busy."

SRM also may be such a low-level "techie" concern that an effective business value case isn't being made in the front office. Vendors have focused on selling wares to solve the problems of data retention (archiving) for regulatory requirements, rather than tools for disk grooming. The end result: no bucks, no Buck Rogers.

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