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Newbury Responds

(Originally posted by Mike Fratto on SecureEnterprise Magazine's Website on 02/06/06)

Newbury Networks wants a chance to respond to a blog entry where I opined about their over the top marketing and fear mongering in a white paper they published. I also pointed out what I thought, and still think, are technical inaccuracies. Their unedited response is below.
*** Newbury Networks Response ***

February 3, 2006
I would like Secure Enterprise's readers to understand the profound errors of fact and message in this article/blog ??? "Newbury is Spreading FUD. Here's the Deal". The article challenges some of the technical issues that Newbury claim threaten the security of WLAN's ??? threats also recognized publicly by companies such as Aruba, Cisco, Nortel, AirDefense, AirMagnet, etc. as well as industry analysts and the IT staff at Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies.

We believe, as do many in the industry, that security assurances provided by a well-designed system like our WiFi Watchdog helps drive implementation of wireless networks. A thorough understanding of the threats is a smart first step in deciding to implement wireless in the enterprise. Fear of the unknown is paralyzing; understanding the unique nature of wireless technology is empowering.

A false sense of security is far more damaging in the long run. To that end, we have provided an item-by-item rebuttal to the editorial staff of Secure Enterprise today, and making it available to readers via e-mail along with the original white paper so they can decide if your portrayal is accurate and fair.

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