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Could the 'Net Get Kicked To the Curb?

Back when it was first created, the Internet was a simple and quirky place where a couple of computers passed some random data back and forth. No one envisioned the endless number of Web sites, the countless transactions or the massive amounts of data it would pass daily. The idea of portable computers was something on "Star Trek." Spam was something you ate (maybe).

Flash ahead to present day -- the Web is rife with bugs, security concerns, mobility issues and more, prompting several university researchers to propose unimaginable: Dump the whole bloody thing and start all over. reports that several institutions, including Rutgers, Stanford, The National Science Foundation and various government agencies, are all exploring their own ideas behind a World Wide Reboot. Pundits involved envision a new network that would require complete user authentication before allowing data to pass, improved mobility features for all wireless devices and other improvements.

Things are still in the early discussion phases, which gives the makers of "Second Life" plenty of time to design a virtual landfill big enough to dump the old Web into.

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