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Amplitude Conducts Annual Survey

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- An
increasing percentage of enterprises are using more secure practices
when it comes to data communications, according to the 4th Annual
Enterprise Security Survey commissioned by VanDyke Software and
conducted by independent research firm Amplitude Research. The annual
survey pinpoints what keeps IT network and systems administrators up
at night and reflects their priorities and selections for best practices.

Commitment to Secure File Transfers Shows Significant Increase in 2007

When respondents were asked to rank a list of 11 security management
issues facing their company, "Secure file transfer" showed the most
significant increase in the percentage of respondents ranking it as
one of the three top issues in 2007 (31%) compared to 2006 (13%).
Other issues on the list were Keeping virus definitions up to date
(45%); Managing logs (8%); Monitoring intrusions (40%); Network use
monitoring (22%); Password management (20%); Patching systems (42%);
Replacing nonsecure protocols (8%); Securing remote access (47%); User
awareness (20%); and User training (14%).

Roughly two-thirds of the 300 survey respondents (68%) reported using
a secure method of file transfer when exchanging sensitive data
internally between remote offices, up significantly from 52% in 2006.
In addition, three of four surveyed in 2007 report using a secure
method of file transfer (at least sometimes) when exchanging sensitive
data with customers, vendors, suppliers, and other third parties.

Among those using secure file transfer (externally or internally),
close to three-fourths (73%) in 2007 -- up from 60% in 2006 --
indicate that their organization's security policy identifies what "sensitive data"
should be exchanged using a secure method of file transfer. 67% of
those using secure file transfer expressed that they are likely to
purchase a new or replacement secure file transfer solution within the
next 12 months.

VanDyke Software Inc.