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SunGard Taps Virtualization and Automation to Speed Recovery Times

SunGard Availability Services today introduced a new initiative that marries its existing portfolio of business continuity services to a virtualized infrastructure to provide more flexible and cost-effective recovery, high-availability and managed services to businesses.

Network Computing reviewed the data recovery services market last year:

DR vendors offer services that will handle the physical infrastructure for your organization and let you focus on the systems that represent your business to both internal and external users. This greatly reduces the overhead involved in maintaining a DR plan that includes data center replacement, but it also requires faith. You must believe your provider will meet its SLAs (service-level agreements) in the event of an outage, and you must know that it can support your information-processing requirements, no matter how many other companies' data centers are knocked out of commission.

The company says the highly automated virtualized environment will help it both accelerate recovery times and scale new services quickly to meet short-term capacity needs.

The company says that by using a virtualized an automated infrastructure to support its disaster recovery services SunGard can minimize operational interruptions by provisioning servers more quickly after an outage. SunGard boasts that its infrastructure can support recovery times of less than four hours.

Analysts agree virtualization is a promising technology for business continuity purposes. As businesses become more dependent on their IT infrastructures, the recovery process becomes more complicated--and more critical to the organization, according to David Tapper, program director, Outsourcing, Utility and Offshore Services at IDC.

Tapper adds services built on virtualized infrastructures deliver the flexibility companies need to meet escalating availability expectations.

SunGard says it expects to deliver services that use virtualization later this year