• 08/31/2009
    8:09 PM
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Top Trends in eDiscovery

My time at ILTA '09 helped me to crystallize some important eDiscovery trends.

Trend #5: Systemic Umbrella. Yet another trend is the move towards more systemic workflow management. This systemic approach primarily refers to EDRM workflow project management, although it can also include matter and multi-matter management. The most obvious movement towards systemic management is eDiscovery vendors widening their product portfolio and providing project and matter management capabilities between multiple workflow stages.  The theory behind this is that when end users can use a single product platform for multiple EDRM stages, then they can use a single control point for the stages.  There are other benefits as well, which include not having to load and ingest data at multiple stages. This saves time, network bandwidth, and also reduces risk to chain of custody and the risk of spoliation. (Representative vendors with strong project management: CaseCentral, FTI, Stratify)

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