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SAN Plans: Flirting With Disaster

Ten ways to avoid a storage networking debacle

6. Conserve the appropriate architecture. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the answer. Many organizations will have significant investments in underutilized equipment and software, much of which can be redeployed.

7. Avoid complexity. With so many new vendors, new products, and new technologies it is very tempting to over-engineer a new storage solution. Don't be tempted. If you build in complexity then you build in cost and inflexibility -- not things you wish to burden your business with in times of changing technology and economic unpredictability.

8. That line about nobody getting fired for buying EMC... It’s rubbish. You will not only get fired should it all go wrong, but no one will ever employ you again for being such a dumbass.

9. Establish a storage team. It must be made accountable and responsible for the future of this project. (Read: someone to blame when it all goes wrong.)

10. If it does all go belly-up... Make sure it's Labor Day weekend when the fruits of your labor turn rotten. They will have forgotten about it by the time everyone gets back. Really.

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