• 09/24/2003
    1:30 AM
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Does Legato Outpace NSI?

Study paid for by Legato shows its replication software outperforms NSI's. Well, duh!
Legato Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: LGTO) still has the urge to strut its stuff, even as it's preparing to merge with EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) -- Legato trumpeted a test today showing that its replication software is faster than competitor NSI Softwares (see Legato: We're Faster Than NSI).

Legato announced that VeriTest, Lionbridge Technologies Inc.’s testing division, has conducted a study showing that its RepliStor software replicates writes nearly five times faster than NSI’s Double-Take software.

“I think it’s a good proof point,” says Legato CTO George Symons. “It shows that we can really scale to meet the needs of customers… from small to medium sized businesses all the way up to the departmental level.”

VeriTest conducted the tests over the summer, and completed the “independent” study, which was both commissioned by Legato and based on a Legato load-generation tool, last month.

While the study does indeed indicate that RepliStor is faster than Double-Take in nearly every instance, Don Beeler, NSI's chairman, president and CEO, insists that they are completely invalid. “The one thing they didn’t do was an end-to-end test,” he says, pointing out that Legato not only paid for the tests, but also provided the loads used. “The data set was completely contrived... And just measuring performance between components isn’t really interesting.”

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