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Smart Grid Adds Cybersecurity; Oracle Ups UltraSparc

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TOP STORY: Utilities To Bolster Smart Grid Cybersecurity

MORE NEWS: Oracle Betting On UltraSparc

ANALYTIC REPORT: Telepresence: Living Like The Jetsons

WHITEPAPER: How to Bridge the IT Alignment Gap

BLOG: The Fritz & David Show: Security Dangers, Google News, Mudslingers

WEBCAST: Conquering the Challenges of Virtualization Management

RESOURCES: 2010 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

InformationWeek Daily

 Monday, February 8, 2010 




Our first ever Government Digital issue at how federal agencies are meeting the President's requirements of the transparency and open government initiative. Also: we talk to federal agency IT leaders about how they're opening databases and using Web 2.0 tools as part of that government-wide effort, while navigating the challenges that stand in the way.

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Utilities To Bolster Smart Grid Cybersecurity

Annual spending on cybersecurity by electric utilities will triple by 2015, driven by investment in equipment protection and configuration management, report says.


Cybersecurity Bill Calls For Research, Task Force
Government's Cybersecurity Role Gets Mixed Reaction
Maryland Positions To Be Cybersecurity 'Epicenter'


Oracle Betting On UltraSparc

The database giant is proposing to make a high-end business out of integrated application stacks built on UltraSparc hardware.

Microsoft Patch To Leave IE Hole Open

The company plans to release 13 security bulletins Tuesday, but the Internet Explorer vulnerability recently identified won't be among them.

Google Book Settlement Falls Short For Justice Dept.

The DoJ still has concerns that the settlement gives Google too much power.

Apple Bans Location-based iPhone Ads

No reason was given, but last month Apple bought a firm that offers a platform for distributing advertising to mobile devices.

Astronauts Enter The Twitterverse

The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour will use the micro-blogging service to answer the public's questions about space travel.

GSA Chief Takes Office, Faces Challenges

The new General Services Administration head, Martha Johnson, must tackle a number of IT acquisition and worforce issues.

Facebook Unveils Redesign

Home page revamp makes commonly used features and applications easier to access and use.

"Science gives us knowledge, but only philosophy can give us wisdom."
-- Will Durant 

Mobile Health Text Messaging Service Begins

The free service, supported by major wireless carriers, sends medical information via SMS messages to subscribers, says federal CTO Aneesh Chopra.

Sybase To Acquire CEP Firm Aleri

The deal for the complex event processing firm complements Sybase's IQ analytic database with real-time stream analysis technology.



Telepresence: Living Like The Jetsons

Telepresence is turning video communications into a near in-person experience. For a price, it's the next best thing to being there. This report identifies best practices for selecting and implementing telepresence systems and examines bandwidth, interoperability and other problems that can trip you up.

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Featured Report

Why 802.11n Will Revolutionize Connectivity

We analyzed responses from the 779 business technology professionals from a wide array of industries who participated in our WLAN survey. Our top goals: Discover if, and when, evolving wireless networks might replace wired connectivity for most employees; examine preferences in architecture approaches; explore issues relating to WLAN regulatory compliance and security; and determine whether final ratification of 802.11n has influenced enterprise IT's wireless plans.

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Featured Report


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How to Bridge the IT Alignment Gap

Learn the 4 keys to successfully integrating application and infrastructure organizations and the secrets to developing a long-term strategy for integrated decision making and solutions-based IT investments.
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Provide IT Support From Your iPhone

See how the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone provides top-notch IT support by accessing computers even when you're away from them.
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Featured BloggerThe Fritz & David Show: Security Dangers, Google News, Mudslingers

Posted by Fritz Nelson

On this week's podcast: news of a successful Trusted Platform Module hack, a Black Hat researcher's prediction of the end of anti-virus as an effective tool, significant news coming from Google, and a rant about the recent mudslinging between Apple and Adobe.


Motorola Droid Gets Multitouch (Sort Of)

Posted by Eric Zeman

Earlier this week, Google announced a new version of Maps for Mobile for the Android platform. That software went live in the Android Market today and offers Motorola Droid users a hidden feature: multitouch.

Schwartz's Haiku, And The Problem With Blogging CEOs

Posted By Chris Murphy

Ex-Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz has Tweeted his resignation haiku, and now promises to return to blogging--now that he's no longer in a position of influence and power. And that's what's wrong with CEO bloggers.

Sling Media Contradicts AT&T CEO On SlingPlayer Mobile

Posted By Eric Zeman

In direct conflict with comments made yesterday by AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega about Sling Media, a company representative said that Sling Media didn't do anything to change its SlingPlayer Mobile app in order for it to work on AT&T's network.

Google May 'Change Processes' For Nexus One Support

Posted By Eric Zeman

Google has taken a lot of heat the last few weeks over its support -- or lack thereof -- for the Nexus One. Customers find dealing with Google's support forums to be lacking. Google hinted that it may be making some changes to better handle the situation.


Conquering the Challenges of Virtualization Management

(Sponsored By Avaya)

Pipelines burst, government officials resign, blackouts darken hospitals, or a supply chain comes to a screeching halt. When these events occur, organizations require the tools to instantly notify employees and organizational stakeholders about situational status and what action individuals need to take.

Join our discussion on this critical issue, by learning about next-generation tools available to enterprises requiring instant, enterprise-wide communication.

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2010 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

For the past 21 years, InformationWeek has honored the country's most technologically innovative companies with its prestigious InformationWeek 500 ranking. Now in its second year, InformationWeek's 2010 Government IT Innovators program will shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative government IT organizations -- at the federal, state, and local levels. Nominate your agency by submitting an essay on your most innovative IT initiative completed within the past 12 months.

The deadline for submitting nominations is April 30, 2010

Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Apple's Patent Applications For Tablet Technology

Apple has been quietly applying for patents related to multi-touch inputs, swipe gestures, and methods for thwarting radio-frequency interference on touchscreen devices such as iPhones and tablet PCs.


2010 InformationWeek 500: Register Now!

Nominate your company for the 2010 InformationWeek 500 -- our 22nd annual ranking of the nation's very best business technology innovators. Deadline is April 30. Organizations with $250 million or more in revenue may apply now.

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