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SAP Bullish Despite Q3 Shortfall

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TOP STORY: SAP Bullish Despite Third Quarter Shortfall

MORE NEWS: DHS Urged To Bolster Cyber Infrastructure Security

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

WHITEPAPER: Data-centric Security

SLIDESHOW: 12 Best Government Websites

VIDEO: IBM Cloud Computing Lab

BLOG: Is Java Putting Your SMB At Risk?

WEBCAST: Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

RESOURCES: Please Take Our 2011 SaaS Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Thursday, October 28, 2010

"We're all working together; that's the secret." -- Sam Walton




SAP Bullish Despite Third Quarter Shortfall

Executives slam Oracle while highlighting sales gains and growth prospects.


Global CIO: SAP Shares Corporate Treasure With Customers

Global CIO: In Larry Ellison's Legal Battle With SAP, HP Is Collateral Damage

Global CIO: Can Charles Phillips Grow Infor While Avoiding Oracle & SAP?


DHS Urged To Bolster Cyber Infrastructure Security

Homeland Security must work more with power and telecom network owners to ensure they could survive a disaster, GAO reports.

Google Going Local With Place Search

In recognition of the growing importance of local information, Google is offering search results organized around specific places.

iPad Leads Tablets Into Workplace

IT organizations have to prepare because the tablets are coming.

T-Mobile Settles On $400 For Galaxy Tab Price

T-Mobile on Wednesday announced that it will begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 10 for the price of $400 with qualifying contract.

Apple Delays White iPhone (Again) To 2011

Apple on Tuesday indicated that it won't be able to make the white version of the iPhone 4 available by the end of the year as originally hoped.

RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9780 Launches Worldwide In November

Research In Motion on Wednesday announced the BlackBerry Bold 9780, a slightly spec'd-up version of the existing Bold for world markets.

LimeWire Ordered To Shut Down

A N.Y. judge says the music file-sharing site must now disable its software, five months after losing a copyright infringement suit.

Barnes & Noble Introduces Color Nook

The Apple iPad faces a challenge from the bookseller's color touch screen e-reader as a platform for books and periodicals, an industry analyst says.

FTC Ends Google Street View Investigation

The steps Google has taken to improve its internal controls are enough for the FTC.

Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

These servers are coming into their own, especially as part of virtualization projects. Also in this new, all-digital InformationWeek supplement: Want really cool blades? Total liquid submersion systems deliver.

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Featured Report

Oracle-Sun: What Lies Ahead

The strategy points to Sun hardware optimized to run Oracle software. But our exclusive research finds many IT pros doubt that they'll benefit from the partnership. This report outlines Oracle's road maps for key Sun products, and analyzes what changes the acquisition will bring for business technology decision makers.

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Featured Report



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Data-centric Security

For criminals, confidential data is the treasure at the center of any organization. The problem with protecting data is that it moves around from server to workstation to mobile device and back. Data loss prevention systems (DLP) provide the technology to help keep data safe, but protection requires more than just technology. Learn how to analyze the data value and develop processes and procedures for building layers of security around critical business data.

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Exchange 2010 and Dell EqualLogic: Safe and Simple Storage

Need to take advantage of Exchange 2010 while avoiding the need to over-provision storage? Check out this brief for helpful tips on automating to reduce complexity, shorten recovery times, and simplify disaster recovery using a shared-resource architecture.
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12 Best Government Websites

Easy access to government online has gone from being nice-to-have to being necessary in the "open government" era, with many government websites taking advantage of modern designs and technologies to help do the trick. All too often, local, state and federal governments and government agencies do far too little to reach out to citizens on the web. Many governments and agencies are stuck in the 1990s era of tacky animated images, an over-abundance of white space, and confusing arrays of links. However, there are also plenty of agencies that stick out, with designs nearly or every bit as modern and enticing as one might expect from top corporations and Web 2.0 companies. These are some of the best.   View Now

Best Mobile Apps For Busy Professionals

Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters


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Featured BloggerIs Java Putting Your SMB At Risk?

By Keith Ferrell

Java exploits are on the rise, and sharply so, exceeding PDF attacks by a factor of 60 to 1, according to Microsoft. Is it time to cut off Java in your workplace?


Google Rounds Out Product Trio With Boost

By Michele Pepe-Warren

First there was Google Places, which let businesses list themselves for all the web to see. Then there was Tags, which allowed users to expand those listings with coupons, photos, videos, etc. Now Google has announced the beta of Boost, an online advertising solution targeting small businesses.

Windows Phone 7 Gets Mac Support

By Ed Hansberry

Microsoft has released a beta of their synchronization tool that will allow their new Windows Phone 7 platform to connect to a Mac and access its iTunes library. It isn't a full Zune desktop client but is far better than official support for Windows Mobile in the past, which was basically nothing.

Focus on Inventory: ERP Lets SMB Get Warranties Under Control

By Steve Kovsky

I recently checked in with Greg Woodward, who is heading up Torelli Bicycle Company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation project for SAP integrator Navigator Business Solutions. I asked Greg what gains Torelli will realize from the technology makeover it's receiving.

Being 'Social' With Customers: A Tricky Business

By Michele Pepe-Warren

If you're an SMB that's decided to take on social media, I commend you. The world of Twitter and Facebook can be an intimidating one to navigate, but it can also yield dividends in the way of enhanced customer loyalty and new business.

Enterprise Clouds: Application Management Considerations for Internal, External & Hybrid Environments

News headlines are a constant reminder that malware attacks and data leakage are on the rise. Over the past decade, the threat has changed and traditional anti-virus is no longer enough to protect against today's sophisticated and financially motivated cybercriminals. Join this live Webcast and learn about the changes in the threat landscape and the 8 threats your anti-virus won't stop.
It happens Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET
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