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'Ransomware' Threats Growing

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TOP STORY: 'Ransomware' Threats Growing

MORE NEWS: Private Clouds Taking Off

ANALYTIC REPORT: Eliminating Vulnerabilities In Enterprise Software

WHITEPAPER: The Compliance Trap

SLIDESHOW: Inside Joomla 1.6: Improved Access Control, Categories

VIDEO: JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov

BLOG: iPad 2 Speculation Mounts

WEBCAST: The Security Threat Report: A look at the latest malware and attack vectors

RESOURCES: Be Part Of The 2011 InformationWeek 500

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


"Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything." ~ Blaise Pascal



'Ransomware' Threats Growing
The malware typically encrypts data or disables master boot records, then extorts money to undo damage and restore access.


Top 10 Security Predictions For 2011

Password Proliferation Adds Security Risk


Private Clouds Taking Off
Evidence is accumulating that as public clouds gain strength, enterprises are increasingly interested in building their own clouds in the data center.

Global CIO: HP's New Strategy Will Intensify Battles With IBM And Oracle

HP will pump up investments in high-growth technologies and shift some top-level managers as part of new CEO Leo Apotheker's growth strategy.

Facebook Amends Rules For Access To Phone, Address

Privacy concerns voiced by users prompt the company to revise its plan to let Facebook apps access users' home addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Windows Phone 7, Collateral Damage Edition

Verizon getting the iPhone is cruelly timed torture for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, already facing an uphill battle against Android and other smartphones.

Oracle Set To Release 66 Patches

Quarterly security update includes fixes for 28 products, including critical vulnerabilities in Audit Vault, JRockit, Solaris, and WebLogic.

HP webOS Tablet May Ship In February

Software acquired through Palm will unify all the company's mobile devices under a single OS.

Bitrix Brings Collaboration Into Cloud

Virtual Appliance 2.0 lets SMBs add social networking to the platforms that host email and customer relationship management.

Microsoft Steps Up Competition With Dynamics CRM 2011

Can aggressive online pricing make a dent in's fast growth and evolving social and mobile appeal?

Steve Jobs Should Be Apple's Last Rock Star CEO

His vision and design instincts laid the groundwork for the device maker's historic turnaround, but now Jobs' company needs a different kind of leader to grow beyond its fanboy base.

EMC 'Doubles-Down' On Storage

A series of product launches highlights the seemingly insatiable hunger for enterprise storage.

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Eliminating Vulnerabilities In Enterprise Software
Most of the hacks that compromise enterprise security today are those that exploit flaws in applications. How can organizations find and fix these vulnerabilities -- before they lead to a breach? In this special Alert, Dark Reading offers a look at some tips and tricks for software development and vulnerability assessment, as well as some advice on how to eliminate security flaws in the enterprise.
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Featured Report

Hardening Next-Gen Web Applications
Slick interactive applications have opened up new vistas of opportunity for businesses--and for attackers seeking to make off with data. In this report, we provide an in-depth analysis of the challenges around secure dynamic apps without stifling the very attributes that make them so popular with end users and customers.
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Featured Report


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The Compliance Trap
Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data.
Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that focuses on risk managementand minimizes the use of compensating controls.
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The Cloud-based Telework Solution
By combining a cloud-based management platform with user-friendly devices, discover a new approach to remote access with the simplicity, centralized visibility & control, and economies of scale. Download Now



Inside Joomla 1.6: Improved Access Control, Categories
The new Joomla system now features much stronger user access control features that make it possible to define who can access and change content on a site and do so in a very fine grained and detailed manner. And Joomla 1.6 has ditched its old two-level site organization and added a new Categories system that allows for unlimited nested levels of content.   View Now


Top 15 Facebook Apps For Business

NRF Big Show 2011: Breakthrough Technologies For Retailing


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JetBrains' Dmitry Jemerov
Dr. Dobb's Mike Riley discusses the latest improvements in JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 10 with JetBrains development lead Dmitry Jemerov   Watch


Man Versus Machine

Trading Desk Of The Future: The Rise Of the Robo-Trader




Featured BloggeriPad 2 Speculation Mounts
By Eric Zeman

As we inch closer to the first anniversary of the original iPad's announcement, reports on what features will make it to the iPad 2 begin to pile up.


Aerohive Networks Buys Cloud NaaS Provider

By Paul Korzeniowski
Cloud computing has become all the rage recently. In response, Aerohive Networks, a wireless LAN supplier, acquired privately-held Pareto Networks, which had developed Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings.

PlayBook's PIM Problem
By Eric Zeman

RIM's forthcoming tablet lacks the same live BlackBerry Enterprise Server access that its BlackBerries enjoy

Windows Phone 7's Biggest Competitor - Windows 8?

By Ed Hansberry
The biggest threat to Windows Phone 7 may not be Android, iOS or any other smartphone platform. Instead, it may come, indirectly at least, from Microsoft. With ARM support coming to Windows 8, at least one manufacturer is considering this an opportunity to try creating a phone running the just-announced platform.

Backup Deduplication 2.0 - Power Savings

By George Crump
In our last entry we opened a discussion of what is needed as we move into the next era of backup deduplication and focused on integration to backup software. Another area that is becoming increasingly important is to be able to lower the power requirements that disk backup deduplication hardware requires. Power is a pressing issue in the data center and disk backup systems need to address those concerns.


The Security Threat Report: A look at the latest malware and attack vectors
Join Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, for a live Webcast to learn about the latest security threats and trends in malware. Armed with the latest threat data, Graham will discuss the tactics the bad guys are using to infect your systems and steal your data.

Thursday, January 27, 2011 -- 9 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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