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Microsoft Unleashes Massive Security Patch

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TOP STORY: Microsoft Unleashes Massive Security Patch

MORE NEWS: Google's Marissa Mayer Gets New Job Description

ANALYTIC REPORT: All Oracle, All the Time?

WHITEPAPER: Efficient Backups for VMware

SLIDESHOW: Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters

VIDEO: Part 3: Don't Dread Threads

BLOG: HTML 5's Privacy Problem

WEBCAST: Data Center Reality: One Size Does Not Fit All

RESOURCES: Virtual Event: Navigating The Boardroom: The Growth Imperative

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, October 14, 2010


"You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence." -- Abraham Lincoln



Microsoft Unleashes Massive Security Patch

It's another record-breaking month for fixing software flaws.


Microsoft Preps Record Security Patch Tuesday

Windows Phone 7 Still A Work In Progress

Microsoft Commits To Zune Client For Macs


Google's Marissa Mayer Gets New Job Description

The company's longtime VP of search products and user experience is leaving search behind to focus on geo/local products.

Facebook Introduces Disposable Passwords

Accessing Facebook from a public computer or Internet cafe can now be done more securely.

MyTouch 3G Fires Up Android 2.2 Upgrade

The mandatory operating system update includes enhanced security, integrated Exchange email, and new home screen features.

AT&T, Microsoft At Odds Over Tablet Plan

Wireless carrier's CEO says slates should be driven by mobile operating systems, not full-blown desktop clients like Windows 7.

Global CIO: On HP Vs. The Media, Michael Arrington Is Simply Wrong

Arrington says HP's board is 'bullying' the New York Times for its critical coverage, but I say bully for HP for defending itself.

Innovation Mandate: Patrick Byrne Lays It On The Line

Our schools are awful and our financial markets are corrupt, insists's outspoken CEO, so no wonder that U.S. technology innovation is in jeopardy.

Global CIO: EMC Taking Plunge Into Red-Hot Optimized Systems Market

EMC and recently acquired Greenplum will launch a data-warehousing appliance featuring EMC's storage expertise, says analyst Jason Maynard.

Apple's 'Back To The Mac' Announcement Speculation Rife

Mac OS X and MacBook Air updates as well as a MacBook Pro hybrid hard drive are among the products rumored to be on the event agenda.

Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Too Pricey?

Analyst says Microsoft will have a tough time competing with rivals unless its partners roll out cheaper versions of devices based on the new mobile OS.

  Digital Issue  


When blade servers debuted a decade ago, vendors claimed the
flexibility IT groups needed when adding compute power to the data
center was now within reach. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out.

Now after that inauspicious start, blade servers are coming into
their own, especially as part of virtualization initiatives.
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All Oracle, All the Time?

Oracle is finding new ways to redefine IT strategy. And if CEO Larry Ellison has his way, that strategy includes Oracle-optimized, Oracle-configured, and Oracle-integrated systems and infrastructure. In this report, Bob Evans takes a comprehensive look at Oracle's latest strategies, including coverage of Oracle Open World, and provides analysis of the methods and madness of Ellison.

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Featured Report

Server Technology Hits a Crossroads

The value proposition is shifting from the processor to peripheral considerations, such as the ability to effectively implement virtualization, system manageability, and power and cooling. Find out what our State of Server Technology Survey showed before making your next implementation decision.

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Featured Report


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Efficient Backups for VMware

Learn how EMC Avamar backup and recovery software data deduplication capabilities deliver fast and efficient protection for VMware environments.
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Storage Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Computing

This white paper will explain why the recent changes in Microsoft infrastructures, including the introduction of a server operating system and a server virtualization solution (Hyper-V), create a compelling opportunity to improve underlying storage infrastructures right now.
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Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters

The Department of Homeland Security recently brought its classified National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center down to an unclassified level for one day only, and InformationWeek Government was there to take photos. The facility looks and functions like a state-of-the-art network operations center and much more. The NCCIC, as it's called, is the locus of DHS-led inter-agency cybersecurity work in the federal government. That includes providing an integrated response to cyber threats against government networks, monitoring network sensors across the government and coordinating any requested government aid and response to cyber attacks against private industry networks like power plants or communications networks.   View Now


Cisco Umi Takes Telepresence To The Home

Best Bluetooth Headsets For Business


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Featured BloggerHTML 5's Privacy Problem

By Jim Rapoza

Lately there's been a lot of news and concern about perceived security and privacy problems in HTML 5. But while these concerns are certainly legitimate, for the most party there isn't really anything new here.


Alliance Lifts Cloud Computing Into Stratosphere

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Now that there's computing in the cloud, businesses can deploy and manage online applications faster and easier than ever before. Two companies recently teamed up with hopes of raising the bar even higher. Their focus: full-featured software that can be downloaded on the fly.

Oracle Pokes Android In The Eye

By Ed Hansberry

Oracle has already filed a lawsuit against Google for what it considers licensing violations in Android's implementation of the Java patents Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems. That suit continues, but matters were just made worse by an Oracle pact with IBM that could leave the Java components that Android uses dying on the vine.

Sustainable PC Progress Lacks Key Component

By Lamont Wood

Yes, in some places there is progress towards a sustainable PC market, which would be great for SMBs. But the problem is that we are still talking about PCs.

Campaigner Adds Targeted Email

By Jake Widman

The email marketing service now lets SMBs segment their audience and set up filters to send more personalized messages.


Data Center Reality: One Size Does Not Fit All

The architecture of a data center varies considerably depending on the applications that it is designed to serve. Explore three distinct types of data center architectures -- Enterprise data centers, Hosting or IaaS data centers, and Portal or Web 2.0 data centers -- each of which is designed to support a specific business model and has its own operational goals and challenges.

This Webcast takes place on October 14, 2010 -- 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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