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Facebook Breaks Ground On Oregon Data Center

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TOP STORY: Facebook Breaks Ground On Oregon Data Center

MORE NEWS: China Defends Great Firewall

ANALYTIC REPORT: Data-Centric Protection: The Evolution Continues

WHITEPAPER: Business Continuity Planning IT Survival Guide

BLOG: Latest Tablet Buzz: Both AT&T And Verizon Involved

WEBCAST: Unified Enterprise Network Management

RESOURCES: Special Coverage: The Tablet PC Wars

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 Monday, January 25, 2010 




Find out why the wireless standard, six years in the making, will revolutionize connectivity --
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Facebook Breaks Ground On Oregon Data Center

The online social network has more than 350 million users.


Photo Gallery: Google's Scenic Oregon Data Center

First Look At Amazon's Oregon Data Center

Google's Iowa Data Center Emerges


China Defends Great Firewall

People's Republic says its policies regarding Web censorship and privacy are its own business, tells Clinton to butt out.

Weak Passwords Pervasive, Despite Security Risks

Data from a breach affecting 32 million online accounts reveals the persistent popularity of weak passwords, despite obvious risks.

First Tweet From Space: 'Hello Twitterverse!'

Astronaut aboard ISS is first to post an extraterrestrial message directly to the micro-blogging service.

Microsoft Points Draw Class Action Suit

Attorney says Xbox Live customers aren't getting what they pay for when they use Microsoft's virtual currency.

FCC Launches Consumer Task Force

This week the Federal Communications Commission also said it will work to tighten restrictions on "robocalls" by telemarketers.

Nokia Launches Free Mobile Maps Service

Ovi Maps for GPS smartphones trumps Google Maps' Droid-only service, Nokia says.

"Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you."
-- Sam Keen 

SAS Revenue Up In 2009

The analytics vendor reported growth rates for its industry solutions were highest in banking, government, health care, insurance and retail.

AMD Sales Boost 4Q Revenue

Share prices dipped, but the chip maker beat Wall Street estimates.



Data-Centric Protection: The Evolution Continues

In this InformationWeek Analytics Informed CIO report, we discuss where new technologies come in, and where properly applying processes and products you already own is more important. Learn more about data loss prevention, database activity monitoring and blocking, encryption, and information rights management.

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Using Service Providers To Boost Protection

While the SaaS market is, in many ways, still in its infancy, hosted e-mail security firms are leading the way thanks to ease of implementation and many obvious benefits. Still, these services aren't without risks. In this report, we'll discuss how to determine what mix of in-house and hosted mail makes sense for your organization.

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Business Continuity Planning IT Survival Guide

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Featured BloggerLatest Tablet Buzz: Both AT&T And Verizon Involved

Posted By Eric Zeman

FOX News' Clayton Morris has dug up some more dirt on the Apple tablet. Morris cites sources at both AT&T and Verizon, each of which claims that the wireless companies are playing a role in bringing the tablet to market. Wait, why are wireless companies involved?


Privacy Network Tor Suffers Breach

Posted by George Hulme

The virtual network, Tor, designed to provide private and secure Web browsing to people around the world had a number of servers hacked recently. The Tor anonymous network is helpful to those living in nations that oppress free speech, such as China and Iran, and need unfettered access to information.

Is The US Afraid To Admit That China Declared War On It?

Posted By David Berlind

Had the Chinese shot intercontinental ballistic missiles into 33 US-based businesses including those in the finance and defense industries as well as the Mountain View-based headquarters of Google, there would be no question in anyone's mind as to whether war had been declared on the US. Is there any difference now that a Chinese government-backed organization has cyber-attacked 33 US businesses?

Multitasking 50 Apps With Palm Pre Plus

Posted By Ed Hansberry

One of the biggest differences between the regular Palm Pre and the Palm Pre Plus is the doubling of the RAM and storage capacity of the device. The Pre Plus has 16GB of storage which allows you to install more apps and multimedia. More interesting though is the increase in RAM to 512MB from the regular Pre's 256MB. To test out the new RAM limits, someone loaded 50 apps, simultaneously!

WSJ Says Apple Tablet To Redefine Media

Posted By Eric Zeman

The Wall Street Journal has published an interesting piece today with language that all but announces a new tablet device from Apple. The Journal claims that Apple CEO Steve Jobs bets the tablet will "reshape businesses like textbooks, newspapers and television much the way his iPod revamped the music industry." That's a lot of upheaval going on. Are the progenitors of said media aware of all this?


Unified Enterprise Network Management

In today's dynamic, distributed enterprise, users have moved away from their desktops. They connect to the network with multiple mobile devices, on campus and in branch offices, from home and on the road. Join us for an exciting Webinar in which Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group, and Bryan Wargo, general manager at Aruba Networks, will discuss the next generation of enterprise network management and the impact mobility will play in the coming decade.

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Special Coverage: The Tablet PC Wars

Will Apple follow Amazon and Microsoft into the tablet market? What form might their tablet take -- and can Apple repeat its magic disruption? InformationWeek has full coverage of the tablet PC wars.

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