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Xiotech's 'Porto-SAN'

Xiotech Corp. is goin' mobile with a "portable" SAN.

Today, the company unveiled the Magnitude 3D 1000m for data center migration or disaster recovery, or to serve as a mobile field lab to collect and analyze data. For now, it is available only to government organizations. Xiotech marketing VP Mike Stolz says a small number of agencies have been using the system, mostly law enforcement groups gathering forensic evidence.

The new portable has the same clustered architecture of Xiotechs flagship Magnitude 3D SAN, but it's modified to fit a carrying case -- albeit a big, honking, 10U one (see Xiotech Gives Magnitude a Tuneup and XIOtech Fixes a Failing).

Indeed, to call the latest Magnitude "portable" is using the term loosely: The unit is 31 inches high, 27 inches wide, 36 inches deep, and weighs up to 300 pounds. [Ed. note: Start that power lifting program today!]

Figure 1:

Xiotech Magnitude 3D 1000m

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