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Will Google Launch A National For-Pay Wi-Fi Network?

Rumors abound that Google may join with EarthLink to launch a nationwide Wi-Fi network. And here's the kicker: It would be a for-pay network, not a free one.
Numerous sources have reported that Google and EarthLink, who teamed up to win the bid to provide San Francisco's Wi-Fi network, are considering bidding on providing Wi-Fi to a second city.

But reports say that the plan would be different that the San Francisco deal. The San Francisco deal offers two tiers of Wi-Fi, a free lower-speed, ad-supported one, and a for-pay higher-speed, ad-free one. The bid that Google and EarthLink are working on, says the Wall Street Journal, would change that model a bit. The only free access would be very limited, and restricted to ad-supported Google local search and local Web pages. For unrestricted Internet access, people would have to pay $20 per month.

If true, I'm not sure this is the best plan for Google. It's built its fortune on free services, and once it starts charging at this level, I think that people's view of the company may change. It's built up a lot of good will over the years. But the first time that someone loses their Wi-Fi connection for which they're paying $20 a month, I'll be you'll see the good will evaporate.