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What's Hot in 2003

Dec. 31, 1554. As he begins to write the prophecies that will eventually make him famous, the great Nostradamus experiences a remarkable event: a visitation from the Virgin Mary. During this sighting -- so the story goes -- Mary grants the bearded soothsayer a vision of the future.

Well, you won't believe it, but over at the Byte and Switch bungalow this New Year's Eve, we too had a visitation. Not from the Virgin Mary, but from the God of Storage, who granted us a rare glimpse of the storage networking market in 2003! [Ed. note: That wasn't all we caught a glimpse of. No offense, Big G, but the pink slippers really clashed with the orange dress.]

But back to subject at hand. It might come as shock to some of you, but storage over IP wasn't on our visitor's list of Top Ten trends for next year. Not that it won't happen, he boomed -- just that he can't bring himself to talk about it anymore until it actually does. Fair enough. We won't mention it again [ed. note: not in this article, anyway].

Herewith, the God of Storage's pronouncements for the year:

No. 10: Storage Security Gets Swallowed

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