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What Green Really Means

Despite all the recent hype about eco-friendly IT, anyone who thinks that technology is green, or ever will be, is living in cloud cuckoo land.

At least, this is the message from analyst firm Forrester, which recently issued a wake-up call to users looking to build eco-friendly data centers.

"Technology is not green, and never will be," explains Forrester analyst Doug Washburn in the report "Is Green IT Your Emperor With No Clothes?," arguing that users, not vendors, will drive the green agenda forward.

Anyone who relies too heavily on technology could get caught with their pants down, according to Washburn, who provides a perfect foil to months of green storage hype from vendors.

"Before investing a single dollar into green IT, we recommend that firms set expectations by measuring their green IT baseline - an annual estimate of the energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, and financial costs of operating IT."

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