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We're One!

Byte and Switch turns one year old this month. And like any infant, we were itching for a change!

We've made some improvements we think you'll really like. The Byte and Switch Index provides a real-time snapshot of the performance of the top 25 public storage networking stocks. In the new Case Studies section, you'll find reports about enterprises that are deploying storage technologies. There's also a search bar directly on the home page -- a feature that we have been wanting for some time.

There are also several subtle, but powerful, visual improvements to the site. Our trademark blue color scheme is a little more stately (and a little easier on the eyes, no?).

And, of course, we remain dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive news, analysis, and commentary about the storage networking industry available anywhere.

It's been a great first year, and we've had our share of fun. But along the way, we've been misunderstood more than once. "Why do you hate [insert company name here]?" we've been asked. "Why are you so negative?" Here's an excerpt of a real email we recently received from an industry executive (who shall remain nameless... and, we're afraid, clueless):

    These embryonic startups have such a huge weight against them because of the current state of the market that we need more positive spin in general. More applause... I think, given the state of the market, the nation, the world that we need more positive spin on things in general.
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