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Welcome to the Virtualization Immersion Center. Normally this first blog post would come from your site editor, Joe Hernick, but Joe is taking a few weeks to move and settle into a new home. So, in Joe's absence, I welcome you.

The goal of this immersion center is to provide you not only with the information you need about virtualization, but also to provide a community where you can talk with your peers, our editors, the vendors and maybe the occasional analyst. Please make use of our forums to discuss your virtualization plans and deployments.

If it's information about virtualization you need, you'll find it here. From reviews of the technology, to strategy sessions, how-to's and tutorials, you'll find a wealth of content from the editors and NWC that you trust. You'll also find information from vendors ??? who will be filling out mini-RFPs that will help you sort out who does what, and how they do it.

We hope you'll find the tools you need to make the best of your virtualization efforts, but we also know we can always do better. Please feel free to contact Joe or me with your suggestions for improvement.