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We Need A Broadband Bill Of Rights

The news that a service provider was forcing its broadband customers to pay a premium to use VoIP from Vonage shows that it's time for a "broadband bill of rights."
The idea for a broadband bill of rights was suggested by Vonage's CEO Jeffrey Citron. The idea is that there are certain rights you have as a broadband consumer, for example, that your service provider can't block you from using a VoIP service from a competitor.
Citron clearly has a vested interest in the idea, because it'll ensure that would-be customers always have access to his service. But vested interest or not, he's right.
Unfortunately, the FCC is moving in the exact opposite direction. When it comes to broadband, it has a hands-off attitude. The FCC is wrong, and we can only hope it starts thinking of consumers instead of special interests.