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The (Virtual) Show Must Go On

Sometimes the best way to get a job done is to give it to someone else. At Deluxe Laboratories, North America, we found that outsourcing certain IT systems to a virtualized, managed facility is a powerful, effective, and money-saving solution.

Deluxe is a company you see listed in the credits of many feature films. Our company, a subsidiary of Rank Group PLC in the United Kingdom, offers a broad range of entertainment-industry services and technologies to our international clients, which include MGM, Miramax, New Line Cinema, Paramount, and Sony. Deluxe's film business had first-half 2004 revenue of roughly $336 million, and its media services group had midterm revenue of roughly $314.8 million.

While Deluxe's main business is worldwide movie distribution and fulfillment services, our services include physical- and digital-asset management, content repurposing and conversion, digital production, film-laboratory services, and release printing. We have offices in seven European countries, Canada, and the United States.

Like many fast-growing companies, Deluxe recently made several strategic acquisitions. These allow us to serve our customers at multiple points in the supply chain. In 2004, we acquired Deluxe Digital Media Management from Deluxe Media Services. This business, located in Valencia, Calif., is in the promotional end of the movie business.

Though Deluxe tends to focus on lines of business, we view IT as spanning all functions. So, while the newly acquired company's operations are managed by our Deluxe Digital Media Management group, its IT systems are the responsibility of the corporate IT department, which I lead.

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