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Users Push for CDP Shapeshift

Storage users, always a vocal lot, are really having their say with CDP, re-shaping this emerging technology into something that looks far different -- and is more useful -- than what it was a year ago.

Customers want continuous data protection (CDP) to do more than handle post-failure rollback to a specific point in time. They want direct CDP links to SANs instead of host computers, multisite support, and more granular recovery for specific applications. These changes are forcing CDP vendors to work more closely with partners to service the call -- or risk losing ground.

One Revivio customer, for instance, says he's eager to sample the vendor's Application Integration Module (AIM), which Revivio says rolls back to specific transactions or points in time after an outage. While Revivio claims to have offered this capability for awhile, Hal Weiss, systems engineer at Baptist Memorial Healthcare, plans to get his first look next month.

"Now, I can recover to a consistent state but not a specific record transaction in a database," Weiss says.

There are more challenges for Revivio. Weiss is already scoping other CDP possibilities. His company is looking into products from Kashya that link to SANs for CDP and data replication, instead of relying on servers. "Nothing would be modified or changed on the host," Weiss says.

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