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Users Grapple With Storage

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Despite the economic downturn, server virtualization continues to proliferate as IT professionals around the world recognize the potentially massive cost savings associated with a virtualized server environment. However, an unexpected twist is the debilitating demand virtual servers put on legacy storage systems. In many cases, potential cost savings have been mitigated or altogether eliminated because of the extra storage needed to alleviate the performance and utilization degradation associated with traditional storage systems in server virtualization environments.

In order to realize the benefits of a virtualized IT infrastructure, data centers require a next-generation storage system that was designed to compliment a virtual server environment. Leveraging the Application-Aware Pillar Axiom Storage System, users can now benefit from a storage architecture that effectively integrates with and, in fact, complements the specific needs of a virtual environment.

With the purpose to better understand the storage issues facing organizations today, Pillar Data Systems conducted a survey asking over 1000 users not only which virtual technologies they are deploying, but what they are looking for in terms of a storage system. A vast amount 50 percent – noted that ease of management and performance were the most important features they needed in a storage system. What then stemmed from this discussion is underlying problem that virtualization projects pose, which is that they often require customers to purchase additional storage capacity to alleviate the utilization and performance degradation associated with these projects. Problems typically occur when virtual machine performance is hindered by a server-to-storage I/O bottleneck. It’s been found that traditional storage architectures cannot effectively manage the random I/O patterns created by virtual machines.

Instead of reaping the cost benefits of a virtualized server environment, many organizations in fact were spending more, as they had to double the amount of storage in order to alleviate the bottlenecks and utilization issues created by server virtualization technologies. The Pillar Axiom, however, allows customers to deploy a networked storage array that can easily and cost-effectively integrate into a virtualized server environment. Axiom’s ability to dynamically assign or re-assign priorities to applications companies deem most important improves overall storage performance, while reducing the I/O bottleneck seen in legacy storage systems.

“The virtualization trend in the storage industry is ever-growing due to an increased desire to control costs in data centers,” said Bob Maness, vice president of Marketing Pillar Data Systems. “Pillar was founded on the idea that you can do more with less storage. Axiom’s ability to integrate tightly in virtual server environments, results in lower costs and increased efficiency throughout the data center. The Axiom is the only system that can reprogram itself to meet to meet the performance requirements of each virtual machine.”

Pillar Data Systems Inc.