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United Doubles Up Data Centers

As revelations of a strained and shaky power grid continue to trickle out following last months massive power outage that hit the Northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada, many businesses worry that the next blackout could cascade their way (see DR Fans: Few Black Eyes From Blackout and Net Up, Phones Busy in Blackout).

But Boris Sherman, the director of operations at United Airlines Loyalty Services (ULS), says he’s not losing any sleep at night.

The August 14 blackout didn’t make it to Chicago, where ULS, United Airlines Inc.’s e-commerce subsidiary, is located, but Sherman insists that his company wouldn’t have lost a dime if it had. “If the blackout had come this far,” he says, “I’m very confident that both our data centers would have remained up.”

What makes Sherman so confident? Realizing that shutting down the Website, which has more than 30 million unique visitors a day, for even few minutes could deprive the company of millions in revenue, the ULS subsidiary implemented a Veritas Software Corp. (Nasdaq: VRTS) disaster recovery setup nearly two years ago, he says (see DR Fans: Few Black Eyes From Blackout).

[Ed. note: Sharp-eyed readers will recall that ULS last year installed CreekPath Systems Inc.'s SAN management software -- see United Puts SAN on Autopilot. These guys love their vendors, eh?]

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