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Tucci Talks Up EMC's Future

BOSTON -- EMC CEO Joe Tucci today promised the coming midrange Clariion systems will be more than a refresh, extolled the value of storage appliances, and hinted that his company could dabble in consumer products down the road.

At the EMC World user conference here today, Tucci addressed more than 100 journalists at company headquarters in a far-ranging question-and-answer session. Perhaps the biggest surprise was his answer to a question about the company's interest in consumer products. Tucci says EMC would consider manufacturing -- but not marketing -- consumer devices.

"If we take a short walk, I can show you some very interesting home and desktop products we've built," Tucci said. "These are prototypes. The question is, 'How do you take it to market?' EMC is a B2B company, there's not a lot of B2C [business to consumer] expertise on my top team, including me.

"If we did it, we'd probably do something similar to what Cisco did. Cisco could have built that home router but bought Linksys because they got people who understood the consumer market and got a channel. The other way is to build a product, then give the product to consumer companies and have them give us a fee or percentage of their success. The only way we wouldn't do it is to do it ourselves. We'd kind of take the 'Intel Inside' approach."

Tucci didn't offer to take that walk or give any other details on the consumer products. He also wasn't much more forthcoming about the new Clariion than he has been up to now.

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