• 09/26/2007
    7:10 PM
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Top Women in Storage

We present a lineup whose presence in storage belies the 'all boys' trend
The storage management segment of IT is an exciting place to work. With data management and protection becoming top enterprise priorities, anyone with talent to contribute has a chance for success.

So where are the women?

IT in general is underpopulated by women workers. According to statistics from the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), women held 26 percent of professional IT-related occupations in the American workforce in 2006. This happened even though 51 percent of professional occupations in the U.S. last year were held by women.

There are a range of theories about why women aren't attracted to IT -- or aren't succeeding in large numbers in the profession. Some of these, most of them variants of the "glass ceiling" argument, undoubtedly can be extended to the storage networking sector.

So it's all the more heartening to see women who do rise to the top of the storage food chain. Despite real and perceived biases, people like Diane Greene, CEO of VMware, have managed to not only lay claim to the corner office, but to do so in a sector that's supremely difficult and competitive to navigate.

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