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Top Ten Security Stories of 2004

It's been a busy year in security, including everything from missing disks at a top secret research site, to the growing menace of spyware and "zero-day" attacks.

As 2004 progressed, security became an arms race among the major vendors, with firms such as Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) looking to beef up their wares -- sometimes by snapping up smaller, specialist vendors. Indeed, in a year of M&A mayhem, 2004 ended with the biggest security deal of the last 12 months -- further confirmation that security really is big business.

NDCF has been there for it all, reporting the key security news for enterprise ITers. Following are our picks for 2004's Top Ten Security Stories on this site, in order from last to first:

10. The Curious Case of the Missing Disks Los Alamos Lessons Loom Large

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of the Los Alamos National Laboratory this year. When two disks were reported missing from the top secret research site back in July, shockwaves rippled throughout the U.S. government (see Los Alamos Searches for Lost Media and Abraham Orders CREM Stand Down).

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