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Top Storage Predictions for 2008

Happy New Year! Like everyone else this week, the turn of 2008 has us looking ahead. And as we always do, we're joining the chorus of storage networking crystal-ball gazers.

Below is our annual look at what the upcoming months will bring to our corner of IT. Some trends got underway last year and made it onto our list of 2007 predictions. Examples: the ascendancy of virtualization as a means of consolidating and optimizing data center resources, and the increased use of storage services. Other tea leaf tales are just emerging.

As ever, feel free to disagree. That's what message boards are for! (At least in part.) Without further ado, here are our key predictions for 2008:

Email management will continue to grow. Hassles with Exchange and the need to save everything for regulatory reasons has IT homing in on email storage as never before. The end of 2007 saw a flurry of consolidation among players that we think heralds even more activity to come. Expect to see a ton of tools and services to help organize and store email.

Storage will get greener. EMC's recent endorsement of MAID and hefty funding for Copan are just two of the latest indications that array vendors are seriously focused on energy-saving techniques. Faced with overall cost reductions and shrinking IT real estate, IT professionals are signaling their demand for equipment that is more efficient.

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