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Top Storage Predictions for 2007

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

Like Macbeth's witches, we have our eye on the future. But we're not looking for bubbles or trouble. (Toil is a given.) Instead, it's the storage networking market we're gazing at, and we see some key themes materializing.

As ever, feel free to disagree. That's what message boards are for! (At least in part.) Without further ado, here are our key predictions for 2007:

Storage will grow its own HPC segment. As noted in our look at key markets for 2007, ongoing developments in high-performance computing (HPC) are spawning new types of storage gear that break current ceilings of size and speed. (See Top 10 Storage Markets to Watch.)

This trend builds on the link between HPC and storage, typified by projects such as the multimillion-dollar Department of Energy and Los Alamos investigations into high-performance storage. (See DOE Launches Storage Effort and Los Alamos Picks Panasas.) The goal is to put principles that have worked for HPC into storage products capable of serving high-end users in financial services, manufacturing, and related storage-greedy markets.

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