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Top 11: Wacky Replacements for Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death

A while back we asked our readers to come up with their ideas for a livelier substitute to Microsoft's infamous, but visually mundane Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). We also decided that the most amusing submission would be immortalized with a screen rendering. Our amazing team of artists (read: just us) used state of the art applications (read: Photoshop) and tapped into vast resources (read: Google image search) to take Matthew Ellsworth's submission from simple, rudimentary concept to mind blowing, George Lucas impressing reality. (read: yeeeaaaaah, right.)

And so, without further delay, we present to you our Top 11 Wacky Replacements for Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death. (And congrats Matthew!)

Still have some of your own BSoD ideas? Submit them here. If you feel really creative, why not try whipping up a screenshot of it? Post it to your site, blog, Flickr, etc. and send us the link!

I'll Get You My Pretty!

Matthew Ellsworth

An image of The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch skywriting "Death to Windows," followed by flying monkeys.

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