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Sun: Microsoft Deal Isn't Anti-Linux

Sun's deal with Microsoft last week was not an anti-Linux maneuver, but rather intended to broaden "interoperability and choice for our customers," said John Fowler, Sun Chief Technology Officer for Software, on Wednesday.

"The agreement with Microsoft is about interoperability and choice for our customers, not about battling Linux or open source," Fowler said in an e-mail interview with Linux Pipeline. "Sun recognizes that mixed environments are a reality and Sun is investing to make customers successful with Sun products in a mixed environment."

In a surprising team-up, Microsoft and Sun said they plan to drop several years of litigation, and to cooperate on achieving interoperability between their respective technologies. Microsoft is also paying Sun $1.95 billion, which Sun badly needs. Pundits have said the deal is anti-Linux, but Fowler said that's simply not true.

Fowler wrote:

"To portray Sun as anti-Linux and anti-open source is plain and simply wrong. In fact, outside of the University of California at Berkeley, Sun is the largest contributor of open source code on the planet, and will continue to contribute to the community. Sun is as committed to the open source community as ever and will continue to provide engineering support for Apache, Mozilla, Gnome, Grid, OpenOffice, JXTA, OSDL, etc.

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