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Stratus ftServer 2300

The Cluster Buster

So how can one machine be a cluster buster? The Stratus ftServer 2300 uses fault-tolerant computing. That's right--redundant hardware for nearly every system component. Fault-tolerant computing isn't new, but for years it has been available only for high-end Unix, VMS and some proprietary operating systems. Stratus has been building fault-tolerant computers for the financial and telecommunications industries since 1980 and now offers it to the masses.

Stratus eliminates the burden of setting up a cluster by placing the redundancy in hardware rather than software. Cluster software is complicated to set up, requires expensive software and is a known cause of headaches. Expect fault- tolerant servers to replace simple software-based cluster computing.

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You need only one operating system license to use the ftServer 2300. In fact, because the ftServer acts as a single machine, you can buy the standard edition of common software like SQL Server and Windows instead of the cluster-compatible enterprise version.

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